What WE DO at Ohthatmia Fitness

Welcome to Ohthatmia Fitness! We are here to help you grow in your fitness journey! Our virtual classes can be done right in your living room! You can join our virtual live classes or REPLAY the videos at your leisure! We also have waist trainers, sauna leggings, body bands and core sliders to use as an adjunct during your home workouts! We’ve helped SO many…you should be NEXT.


I am down 14 1bs.. thank YOU!! And I was complimented on my arms this week..


It’s convenient, affordable, you get a meal plan and workouts are fun and you definitely get results if you’re consistent. Also if you miss any live class you can always go back up to 30 days and do a class. We also have homework on off days. Luv luv luv ♥️ it… Our trainer is the best.